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Your Business-to-Business Resource for Industrial Equipment


We are a woman-owned and operated business enterprise established in 1991 as a New York State corporation. Our business is worldwide. A team of engineers and purchasing specialists has the expertise to provide you with the most cost-effective solutions to your problems.

Our team of specialists has the experience and a wide range of worldwide relationships to provide products and services to fill almost any need for electrical, electronic or mechanical devices and sub-systems. We also outsource products ranging from simple PC board assemblies to complete finished systems for you to resell to your customer base.

PLEASE GIVE US THE OPPORTUNITY TO LOOK AT YOUR NEXT APPLICATION. Use the contact page on our web site. Just give us a few details and we will help you.

Client services include a review of drawings and specifications to optimize component or system design from the manufacturing and cost standpoints.

Site visit services and engineering/sourcing conference services at your facilities are available.

We offer you LEADING EDGE COST-EFFECTIVE TECHNOLOGY to fit your needs. Whether it is simple heat transfer systems or complex power quality conditioning systems, we evaluate what YOU need to have done.

Our team is not affiliated with any particular manufacturers or allied with any specific technologies. We can always provide an UNBIASED OFFERING based on a worldwide portfolio of hardware and software solutions to draw upon.